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  • 【中考英语作文】《My new school Life》_500字

    Dear John, How time flies!It has been 2 months since I went to my new school.I want to introduce my new school to you. First of all,I am independent now because I have been away from my parents fo阅读全文

  • 【中考英语作文】《The hero in my heart》_450字

    As we know,most people have hearoes in their hearts.for me,Dr.Norman Bethune is hero in my heart.He was a great doctor form Canada. Dr.Bethune was good at performing operations.And taking photos wa阅读全文

  • 【中考英语作文】《In the summer, the wind is drunk》_3000字

    A remnant of the sun burnt the wholeworld's desolation. Fall in the city, drunk in neon night. In June, a shower of rain fell on thewater, and it blossomed in the rain, and never knew that the mem阅读全文

  • 【中考英语作文】《yueying》_3000字

    Early summer is better than spring, Put green mesh; "Bamboo quiet place, The Buddhist Temple deep flowers". It was the day of the early summer wind. The stars were bright, the moon was shining,阅读全文

  • 【中考英语作文】《思念》_1000字

    Every time I look at the fields of wheat, Always think mother calloused palms. I saw the smoke, In the wind, always drift mother cooked rice incense. Now, when I carry my bags on my back, Never阅读全文

  • 【中考英语作文】《半生有我》_3000字

    Margin is not a simple encounter, always are inextricably linked, when the first heart, know that life will not escape in. The story is to begin with, the beautiful encounter cherish youth, not a s阅读全文

  • 【中考英语作文】《别再说来日方长》_1500字

    Time mentioned, we are thinking a lot about time: "an inch of time an inch of gold, an inch of gold will not buy inch of time" "abandoning time person, time will abandon him". These words is let us阅读全文

  • 【中考英语作文】《 Volunteer Service 志愿服务》_1000字

    We are middle school students and we are busy with our lessons. So some people think we should concentrate more on our studies. If we volunteer to help others it’s a waste of time. But I thin阅读全文

  • 【中考英语作文】《北京2014年中考英语作文题》_450字

    导语:2014年的高考已经远去,中考就在眼前,让我们一起来看看各地的中考作文都出了哪些内容和题材吧。 根据情境,按要求写作。(10分) 校学生会准备出一期"献给母校"的专刊。主编邀请你以一个初三毕业生的名义为"感恩"栏目写一段话,向在三年的学习生活中帮助和关爱过你的人表示感谢。请你从班主任、任课教师、校医、保安、图书管理阅读全文

  • 【中考英语作文】《我的父母》_600字

      As a teenager,I met the same problem as you. But now I can get along better with my mother. Here are some ideas for you。   Your mother talks much,because she cares about you. Maybe it&#阅读全文

  • 【中考英语作文】《低碳生活》_800字

      Dear Jack,   Thank you for your letter asking about our discussion on low carbon lifestyle. Here is something about it.   We can do a lot in our daily life to achieve the goal o阅读全文

  • 【中考英语作文】《关于环境保护问题》_750字

      As we all know,the environmemt around us is getting worse and worse .In some places,we can't see fish swimming in the river or trees on the hills. Some people even have no clean water to dr阅读全文

  • 【中考英语作文】《环境保护》_900字

      What Can We Do for the Environment   our environment is becoming worse and worse,what can we do for the environment?I think each of us can do a little bit to help with this problem。阅读全文

  • 【中考英语作文】《关于环保》_1000字

      Although the world develops much faster and better,the resources on the earth get fewer and fewer.In order to protect them,something must be done。   Save water. Water is the source of l阅读全文

  • 【中考英语作文】《我的同学》_600字

      Liu Kai is my classmate. He is a good student and always ready to help others.   One day on his way to school, he saw a little girl crossing the road. A car was coming towards her quick阅读全文

  • 【中考英语作文】《有压力是好是坏?》_1500字

      “I can't stand the pressure and competition,” explained one friend of mine when asked why he decided to quit his highly-paid but demanding position in his company recently. My f阅读全文

  • 【中考英语作文】《私家车的发展》_1500字

      With the increase in the general standard of living, some ordinary Chinese families begin to afford a car. Yet opinions of the development of a private car vary from person to person.  阅读全文

  • 【中考英语作文】《植树节》_800字

      It was fine on March 12 , 2011 . I got up early that day . All the students in our school went to the hill to plant trees .   We arrived at the hill at eight o'clock . The teacher阅读全文

  • 【中考英语作文】《脑海里最美丽的回忆》_1500字

      Everyone admires beauty. Everyone has his own standard about beauty.   Nowadays some people tend to think that they own beauty if they have a good looking. They are not satisfied with t阅读全文

  • 【中考英语作文】《出国留学》_2000字

      The other day I announced that I would go abroad for further studies right after my college education. My decision evoked the immediate objection of my family: Why? Why should I borrow a huge s阅读全文

  • 【中考英语作文】《英语中考作文:伦敦奥运会(the olympic games in london)》_900字

     with the clap and laughter flying around,london is the winner in the 30th internatinal olympic games\' consideration of london\'s success,there are three points cannot be ig阅读全文

  • 【中考英语作文】《A Trip》_650字

    I went hiking to a mountain with my friends last summer. It was a good trip at the beginning but something unexpected happened on the half way. One of my friends suddenly felt a terrible pain in hi阅读全文

  • 【中考英语作文】《怎样能够强身健体(How to Be Stronger)》_1200字

    with the improvement of people's material conditions, people have higher demands for living quality. everyone wants to have a strong body and good living habits. how can we do that? fir阅读全文

  • 【中考英语作文】《山东之行(The Trip in Shandong)》_1000字

    this is the second time for mr. brown to visit jinan. during his stay in shandong, he will visit several schools. next week mr. brown will visit some places. first, he will take a train to tai'阅读全文

  • 【中考英语作文】《减肥之法(The Way of Losing Weight)》_800字

    henry is a little fatter than he wants to be. he is a bit worried. he decides to lose weight. he eats only a little food for breakfast and supper, and has some fruit. he doesn't eat much sugar 阅读全文

  • 【中考英语作文】《爱和喜欢的区别(The Difference between Love and Like)》_1200字

    in front of the person you love, your heart beats faster, but in front of the person you like, you get happy. in front of the person you love, winter seems like spring, but in front of the 阅读全文

  • 【中考英语作文】《妈妈的微笑(Mom’s Smile)》_3000字

    it’s an old photograph with bad composition and lousy color. the edges are curled up and brown. but none of that matters. the photo is laced with poignant memories so vivid that when my gaze 阅读全文

  • 【中考英语作文】《一个手指(One Finger)》_3000字


  • 【中考英语作文】《一双袜子(A Pair of Socks)》_3000字

    one fine afternoon i was walking along fifth avenue, when i remembered that it was necessary to buy a pair of socks. i turned into the first sock shop that caught my eye, and a boy clerk who could 阅读全文

  • 【中考英语作文】《这个美丽的瞬间(This Beautiful Moment)》_1200字

    there is no rush,there is no hurry.for this beautiful moment is already here. there is no lack, there is no limit.for the possibilities of now stretch out in all directions. there i阅读全文

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